3 Things you must know about Notepad Printing

Not only sign printing, T-shirt printing or mug printing, but even custom branded stationery is the outstanding marketing tool and one of the most useful gifts you can give to potential guests or clients at corporate events. Corporate notepad printing in particular are a great way to make sure your company or brand is recognized and remembered. There are a few basic steps one must follow when engaged with notepad printing such as choosing the appropriate size and ensuring your branding is consistent with your other marketing collateral. Here are 3 other key tips to ensure that your notepad printing efforts achieve excellent results:

1. Headers and footers

Notepad Printing

Headers and footers are not only useful for adding key information during flyer printing as well as brochure printing, but they can be effectively used for notepad printing as well as for deskpads in order to achieve a beautiful as well as functional design. By keeping the graphics and text at the top and bottom of each page, you leave the middle open and ready for scribbling, writing, list-making, or whatever else it needs to be used for. Make sure you include your most important contact details in the footer, so that customers can easily get in touch when they need to. Including your website address in this information is a good way to encourage potential customers to visit your site and learn more about your business.

2. Watermarks

Using watermarks is an excellent way to add a bit more pop to your notepads while still leaving the middle open for use. These are basically images that are either very light in color or are somewhat faded. You must use an image that complements your branding or your company logo. Make sure you use your brand colors wherever possible or different shades of those colors. Having a watermark means that every time the notepad is used, they will be writing directly on the top of that faded graphic, contributing to increased brand awareness and recognition.

3. Multiple notepads

Why limit yourself to just one design? If your business has multiple target audiences, you could make separate notepads designed to target each one. For instance, you might have one design for conferences and a different design for the corporate notepad printing and deskpads you keep in your office.

Never underestimate the benefits of notepad printing in terms of marketing & brand awareness. Even in this modern era, people still use them, and by printing some with your logo, you will have many more chances to make your mark in the market. Please Visit PrintFast for best solutions.