6 important questions you must ask while outsourcing banner printing to an outside agency

Banner Printing : Just like sign printing, brochure printing, note pad printing or T-Shirt printing, Handing over banner printing to an outside agency is not an easy task, it requires a lot of research & trust for a stranger whom you can rely that he understands your concept and your hidden desire and exactly he can bring out at the time of banner printing. If you are working with a banner ad design firm, planning matters a great deal. Here are some important questions you must be able to answer, not just for yourself, but for your design company as well:

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1. What sizes are you going to run?

The size of your banner ad is important, your banner printing designer must be capable of knowing how to crop and edit images to scale, visualize the design transitions, use the space given to make the design sharp, and create the design to pixel perfection given the banner file size maximums. Some popular banner ad sizes are: 160×600, 728×90, 300×250, 300×600, 120×600, 468×60. There are also more sizes gaining popularity such as takeovers, skins, mobile sizes, expandables, and other popular sizes.

2. Where are they going to run?

It is better to cross check where the ads will run, as it would be quite useful for saving time at the end. While it is not the most important thing to know if you don’t have this information handy, it’s something any banner printing company would ask you at the very beginning of the project. Well, we need to know the file size limits (40kb – 50kb is what we typically work with), frames per second, do we need a border around your banner ad design, what is the click tag script to use, and any other special directions.

3. Do you have your banner ad copy ready?

When you create your copy for banner printing, keep it focused on what you want to accomplish. There are 2 main elements of copy:

A) Value Proposition.

Your Value Proposition is what you are offering.

B) Call-to-action.

Tell your audience what action you want them to take.

Make sure that the copy should be compelling enough to entice someone to buy your product or hire your service.

4. What images would you like to use for banner printing?

Images are important to be exciting for banner printing, relevant to your offer, clear & crisp. Make sure you choose web ready images that are not too small. If images are too small or low resolution, they become hard to use, especially if they need to be stretched. If you do not have images, we recommend finding some images on a stock photography site. Keep in mind, these are not free and some can get pricey.

5. What colors would you like to use?

Typically clients copy their logo colors, marketing materials, and/or website. Colors help people remember your brand. Plus, it makes your ad attractive.

6. Will you accept additional comments from our end?

You must check that the agency you hire must be open ended towards your ideas and thinking. You must have the option to provide comments that are extremely encouraging. You should be able to provide more of your ideas related to story boards, you may provide samples online and anything specific to the design.

Always remember that when it comes to banner printing, the more experienced the banner company you choose, the more beneficial it becomes to your ad campaign success. Never forget that the reason people will click your banner is because of the design!

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